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Open Automation Ecosystem

Using a standardized operating system, common data model, and predefined application programming interfaces (API) ensures that users of the system are not required to do any specialized programming. The level of standardization is broken into two sections, core and optional.

Unified Namespace

Welcome to UIAN – the Unified Industrial Automation Namespace Project. There are a lot of different protocols and ways to move buckets of data from point A to point B. What is not always easy is moving that data with the necessary context. When industrial programmers create context around their data it is not always the same as someone else’s and it is not always the same project to project or client to client. We hope to simplify that.

The UIAN project will give industrial programmers a place where they can collaborate on what basic object structures will look like and what the context tags should be named. The end result will be some simple object notation that can be used in PLC programming projects, in data mapping (using MQTT/Sparkplug B or HTTP REST/JSON), and in HMI projects (Ignition, Geo SCADA, VT SCADA, etc.).

Contribution by Dustin Symes

Efficient SCADA and IIoT Communications

Many protocols can be used in industrial communications scenarios, but that may not mean they are the best choice. What’s best for our new SCADA or IIoT application? Should we use MQTT, Sparkplug B, Modbus, OPC UA, or HTTP? The only honest answer is “it depends”… By better framing our application needs, network constraints, and gathering network benchmark information, we can make more informed decisions when it comes to conserving bandwidth on even the most constrained networks.

Contribution by Johnathan Hottell